Teacher’s Seals

Set of small seals of Professor Young below:  His last name in red background while his given name in the white background
The Chinese seal authenticates the calligrapher’s signature.  Normally square,  the seal can be any shape or size and represents the personal  name or the studio name of the calligrapher.  The calligrapher usually uses appropriate seal for a particular occasion.

Image # 1.

The seal is usually carved using the seal or official style of calligraphy.

Large Seal below:

Image # 2. .

This is the Professor Young’s seal used very often below:

Image # 3.

the seal carver is the number one seal carver (王北岳) in Taiwan (at least in the 1970-80s)

Image # 4.

Below is Prof. Young’s 80th Birthday seal carved by his famous friend Mr. Wang (王北岳)

Image # 5.

Image # 6.


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