Teacher’s Background

Dr. George Young 楊 裕芬 教授

Among the many Oversea Chinese scholars, Dr. Young is one of the most distinguished. He is well known for his diligence and untiring efforts in promoting the virtues of the Chinese culture. He was referred as the ardent advocate for the advancement of Chinese culture in the Free China and Oversea Press. In celebrating Dr. Young’s 80th birthday, we are calling for calligraphers to submit papers in honor of his work. Dr. Young’s ancestor, Young Chen-pai is from the Eastern Han Dynasty. Young Chen-pai is the 38th generation from the Sung Dynasty. His family’s tradition is brave and honest from generation to generation. His grandfather is from the northern part of China called Shan Hsi and went to Fan-yu county in Kwangtung. Later the family settled in Kwangtung. His father, I-shan is a famous poet. He took care of his parents faithfully. He had a son in his later years. Dr. Young is raised from a family of humble background. His father pasted away just when he graduated from high school. Being the oldest of seven children, he had to work to support the family. Concurrently Dr. Young continues his educational studies. The years of hard work and long hours devoted to studies contribute to Dr. Young’s ill health in his middle age. However, as Dr. Young reached his 80th birthday, he appears to be spry and alert. Dr. Young attributes this as a gift from heaven. Dr. Young is patriotic. During the war, he was devoted to organizing the transportation of goods and services to the Peoples Army to support the fight against the Japanese. When he came to the United States, Dr. Young was elected the Chairman of the Chinese Public Service Association located in New York. He fought for the rights of Chinese immigrants. With his experience and scholarly background, Dr. Young became a professor. He taught in New York City College, Pace University and various other higher learning institutions. Many years ago, Dr. Young founded the Association of Chinese Calligraphy in America. Its primary mission is to promote calligraphy in the United States. In addition to organizing the various activities, Dr. Young travels to the Far East to raise funds. Under his guidance, the association has prospered.  Members of The Association of Chinese Calligraphy in America, his longtime friends and pears decided to call for papers in honor of his work and achievements for Dr. Young’s 80th birthday.  His last book celebrating his 90th birthday was published in 1992.  Some years later we all mourned the passing of a great teacher, friend and mentor.  On October 11-13, 1997 The Association of Chinese Calligraphy in America and Professor Young’s students gave a Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition in honor and memory of Professor George Young.

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