Four Treasures of the Studio (文房四寶).

Below are some examples of the four treasures of the studio ().

Image # 1. brushes-1Brushes: ()

Image # 2. Brushes 4 treasuresThis is a traveling case

Image # 3. Ink Stone 2Ink Stone ()

Image # 4. Ink Stone

Image # 5. Ink SticksInk Stick ()

Image # 6. Rice PaperPaper ()

Below is the Ink Stone that belonged to Prof Young.  The Ink Stone is from the Ching Dynasty and is inscribed on the side of the stone.

Image # 7. Prof Young's Ink Stone Prof Young's Ink Stome - inscribed

Below is a picture of my Chinese Corner: brushes, paper, ink etc.

Image # 8. Chinese Corner




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