Teacher’s Students

Prof. Young taught many students during his lifetime.  I consider myself very lucky to be one of his many students that he taught the art of Chinese Calligraphy.  I dedicated this web site in his memory as a way of fulfilling my promise to promote Chinese Calligraphy.

He was extremely proud of his American Students that he taught.  He took great delight in showing everyone the 4 styles of Chinese Calligraphy that his students wrote at the annual Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition hosted by the Association Of Chinese Calligraphy in America in which he was the founder.

Image # 1. My Calligraphy (Seal)  my Calligraphy

my Calligraphy above, below myself and 3 other classmates did the 4 styles

Image # 2. 4 styles - Stephen  4 styles Pamela - 1

Image # 3. 4 styles  Irving  4 styles Elizabeth

Image # 4. 4 styles - Stephen 1  4 styles -John Kirby

Image # 5. 4 styles - Emi Kameya 4 stylesJoan

Let me introduce Joann Tang one of Prof. Young’s Chinese student who later showed her calligraphy in a “one-man show” at the Chinese Library in Flushing Queens. Below are sample from her brochure.

Image # 6. Joan Tang  Joan Tang 1

Image # 7. Joan Tang 3 Joan Tang 4

Image # 8. Joan Tang 5  Joan 3

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