My Seals

Here are some of the chops or seals that I carved some years ago!

Image # 1.

Long life or longevity – I gave this to someone as a gift

Image # 2. Family name: LEE 李

Image # 3.

my best friend’s name, Ming Gwai 明 貴

Image # 4. Family name: CHEN 陳

Image # 5.

HO LUNG 何 龍 carved for a friend Paul Cardin

Below is the actual seal that I carved for surnames: Chen and Lee

Image # 6.

All the chops (seals) below were carved & signed by the famous Mr. Wang Tse-Heng

alias Pei-Yeuh 王北岳 known for his seal carving,  throughout Taiwan.

Image # 7.

Some of the chops above were owned by my late teacher, Prof George Young in particular his 80th birthday seal that is shown in the upper right corner of the picture!

Image # 8.

My collection of seals with the seal block for carving , as well as my carving knives and seal ink.   A closer view shown below:

Image # 9.

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