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I asked Prof Young how one would look up a Chinese Character in a specific style of Calligraphy.  The normal Chinese dictionary is in the printed style.  Now suppose you need those characters in another style.  Prof Young showed me his Calligraphy Dictionary!  I had to get one of these and I went to the Chinese Book store and brought one.  I brought the smaller version of his book which is exactly the same in content but smaller print.  I later brought a smaller pocket version of a Calligraphy Dictionary.

Here is the cover of the book and an example of one of the pages showing the different styles of calligraphy.  On close observation the dictionary tells you the source or the calligrapher’s name.  This dictionary is very comprehensive so it gives the meaning, pronunciation and the part of speech or classification of the character.

.Image # 1. Calligraphy dictionary -good Calligraphy dictionary -3_0001

Here is my pocket Calligraphy Dictionary, it doesn’t give the meaning only various styles of calligraphy.

Image # 2. Calligraphy dictionary  Calligraphy dictionary -1

Below is a Calligraphy Book Set that’s not a dictionary, showing the cover, the stroke page and an example of one of the pages inside the book

Image # 3. Calligraphy Book Set  Calligraphy Book Set - 1 Calligraphy Book Set - 1a_0001

Below is a special dictionary: Chinese Characters A Genealogy and Dictionary

The Front & Back cover and one paper as an example

Image # 4. Specail DictionarySpecial Book - backSpecial Book - 1

Below are some good Calligraphy books.  The front & back covers with some inside pages of each book are given.

Image # 5. book-Seal Shu front book-Seal Shu back

Image # 6. book-Seal Shu 2 book-Seal Shu 1

Image # 7. book-kai-shu book-kai-shu back

Image # 8. book-kai-shu 2 book-kai-shu 1

Image # 9. book-Chao Shu Front book-Chao Shu back

Image # 10. book-Chao Shu 1 book-Chao Shu 2

Image # 11. book-Kai-Shu Front book-Kai-Shu back_0001

Image # 12. book-Kai-Shu 2_0001





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