Teacher’s Calligraphy

When I first met Professor Young he gave all his students a photo card that showed his four styles of Calligraphy that he wrote for America’s Bicentennial Celebration.

Image # 1.

The calligraphy below is Professor Young’s copy of the famous Lan Ting poem by the King of Chinese Calligraphy (cursive or Running Style): Wang Hsi-ChihImage # 2.

Below is a couplet that Professor Young wrote in his favorite style: Official Style

Image # 3.

Image # 4.

Above another couplet in Official Style

Image # 5.

Professor’s couplet below in Cursive or Running Style

Image # 6.

This piece below was written by Prof. Young for myself and my wife.

Image # 7. New Year Calligraphy   RU-I


Image # 8. Prof-to-me


Another piece written for me by Prof. Young

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