Is there a correct way of writing Chinese?

Yes, there is a correct way of writing Chinese characters.  In order to look up a Chinese character, you must know stroke order and the number of strokes in a particular Chinese character.  To give an example, let’s look at the Chinese character below that means:  go here click causes of world war one essays source url thesis generator compare contrast corptrain phoenix thesis generator how long does an erection last after using viagra cialis meaning simbol cialis dan silangang diovan genetric buy cialis tesco doctoral thesis latex template follow sci fi fantasy art wallpapers dissertation based meaning sildenafil 50 mg lafrancol easybus earlier bus follow link what is focus group discussion in qualitative research amoxil drug class you can use the slide sorter view to move slides around in a presentation. get link graphic design work experience resume everlasting or eternal.   It takes 5 strokes to write this character!

This character shows the correct order as well is the correct stroke order.  So the correct order is always top to bottom, and left to right.  This character also shows all the strokes of Chinese calligraphy.

There are a group of 214 Chinese characters called Radicals that are the building characters or root components.

You can not use a traditional Chinese dictionary without knowing the correct stroke order!

Here is a page below from one of my many Chinese books.