Lee Jun Hing 李振興

viagra generico prezzo piu basso a Venezia I met Lee Jun Hing in my Chinese Calligraphy class at the China Institute.  We became fast friends and he motivated me to excel in learning Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Culture.  He was a new immigrant from Foochow, Fijian province, China. He was a Chinese cook and owned a Chinese take out restaurant in Brooklyn.  He let me watch him cook and I got some ideas on Chinese cooking first hand!  I visited his apartment in Chinatown and was moved by his devotion in practicing calligraphy after cooking all day in a restaurant.  He showed me his calligraphy as well as his paintings and carved Chinese seals.  Hing later studied with Prof Leon Chang privately.  Below are his works from his one-man show exhibition in Chinatown.


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