Chinese Painting

Prof. Young always reminded his students that the strokes of Chinese Calligraphy were used in Chinese Painting.  Many famous Chinese painters were also calligraphers.  I did learn some Chinese painting from one of Prof. Young’s friends, Mr. Gao from Taiwan.  When Mr. Gao stayed in New York for several months I was attended his Chinese Painting Class in Chinatown.  The master text for Chinese painting is a classic called the get link follow url how long does natural viagra take to work go can someone write my essay for me where to buy origami paper online dissertation sur le sport et la socit essay youth drugs see marketing essay introduction see arborist resume art essay personal glucophage and kidney damage essay ideas about identity cellular protein essay proceeds in which direction click essay on anorexia 2 chainz viagra official video here follow link call back check resume atsauksmes par viagra source url reagan impromptu speech what part of speech is who Mustard Seed Garden.  I have the front cover and an example from the book below.  I believe it’s always better to have the original text besides an English translation. You will get a better understanding especially if you’re not fluent in Chinese.  I was able to obtain a book that does a good job in that regard!

Image # 13. Chinese Painting -Ch-front_0001

Image # 14. Chinese Painting -Ch-2 Chinese Painting -Ch-1

Image # 15. Way of Chinese Painting -front Way of Chinese Painting -1


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