Teacher’s Lessons

informazioni levitra contrassegno Below are examples of Prof. Young’s Calligraphy (from famous poems) that the students used to copy from.  Each year at the Calligraphy exhibition in New York (Manhattan) Chinatown and sometimes in other areas,  Prof. Young would have the 4 styles of Chinese Calligraphy exhibited.


source link Image # 1. Young lesson in Calligraphy - Off-1_0001  Young lesson in Calligraphy - Std-1


go Image # 2. My translation into SealThis was my translation of the above works for


enter site Prof. Young’s comments which I then used to copy for my part in the Chinese exhibition.  For the most part,  I was assigned to write in the Seal Style.

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astepro similar drugs to viagra Image # 3. Prof. Young lesson in Calligraphy -std

quanto costa viagra generico 25 mg in farmacia a Firenze Note:  Only finished works bear a red seal (Chinese stamp) with signature!  These copies were for practice and reference.

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